Honest Burger

It was a rainy Saturday. And I was in a serious mood for a filling burger. So I dragged my cousin to find this very well-reviewed burger place in Soho. It seemed to be a good place because it was very popular. The highlight for me, besides the fun hipster decor, was their lemonade & vanilla ice cream float.

Behind the counter, next to the kitchen window, are two functional wall installations. Two upside down bottles of lemonade, fixed to a wooden plaque on the wall, with black gadgety things on their necks. After taking a swig of the lemonade float, I’m guessing those gadgets must be what makes the lemonade fizzy. Carbonated lemonade with frothy vanilla ice cream was a refreshing alternative to the heavy milkshakes or super sweet root bear floats that normally accompany burgers. Not to mention they put it in the cutest mason jar mug with a paper striped straw.

The burger? Yeah, it was good. Honest burger is known for using quality ingredients and fancy cuts of meat. I went to Honest Burger totally not suspecting there to be a gluten-free bun option. But maybe because I had the gluten free bun (which was a little dry) the overall burger was not the whole package for me. The meat patty was wonderful, the pickled veg and cheese yummy too. Fulfilled my burger cravings, but the gluten free bun was meh. Guess it comes with the territory sometimes.

OH. One last detail I almost forgot. The fries? Take a look yourself at the picture to evaluate the frying quality šŸ™‚ They added rosemary and salt as flavoring which gave it a fragrant and savory touch.

Disclaimer: the straw is theirs but the bicycle is not included.

Do not be alarmed. The black stuff is pickled veg.

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