Barcelona: Howdy, Gaudi

02 January 2013
Barcelona, Spain


My Dear Piece of Home,

We were too late to join a free Gaudi tour today, but no matter. It gave us the freedom to ping pong from Gaudi to Gaudi at our own leisure. I’ll spare my words this time, and let Gaudi’s works impress you through the pictures I’m sending with my letter instead.

First spot on the map: Palau Guell, the home of the Guell family who financed Gaudi’s works of architecture. The thought behind every detail in the house is incredible.

The iron front gates that allow light in but block visibility to the outside:


The wooden floors posing as brick which muffle the sound of clip clopping horses:


Columns in threes to enlarge the hallway:


A parabolic dome with circular openings that change in size according to elevation:


But, of course, Gaudi is more well known for his works of color and fantasy (here are the chimneys on top of Palau Guell):


For lunch, we stopped at La Boqueria market, where I bought you a nice and spicy chorizo as a late Christmas gift!


We then resumed with Casa Batlo of undersea fantasy:


And curvy Casa Mila:


And one of Gaudi’s earlier works, Casa Vicens:


Near sunset, we wandered into Parc Guell, where the unfathomable wealth of the Guell family and Gaudi’s genius explode over endless acres:

IMG_4272 IMG_4275 IMG_4276 IMG_4283 IMG_4289 IMG_4315 IMG_4320

In the evening we collapsed by the still incomplete Sagrada Familia, a cathedral of immense proportions, dripping with sculptures, where Gaudi himself rests today:

IMG_4326 IMG_4327 IMG_4329 IMG_4332 IMG_4333

I am POOPED from all this walking. Please forgive me. I’ll write to you more next time. But aren’t his works so weird and wonderful?



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